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In NYC, Television on August 19, 2013 at 1:34 pm

Someone sent me this story this yesterday and WOW.

A few nights ago, on the aptly-named The Call on NY1, the focus was on “Democratic mayoral candidate (and newly-minted front-runner) Bill De Blasio” and host John Schiumo spoke with “Joan, from the Upper West Side.” When asked if she supports him, she lets us in on her worldview:

JOAN: No, I was [in support of de Blasio] at first because of this stop-and-frisk—which I’m totally against—but when I saw him on the street with his entourage, I had gone up to him and introduced myself and told him how active I was in liberal politics, and I said to him, ‘You’re not going to end stop-and-frisk in Manhattan, right? Just in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Queens (and I’m still up in the air about The Bronx). And he said ‘Why should I not have it in Manhattan?’ And I said, ‘Well, you can’t expect us to live by the same rules we dictate to other people for heaven’s sake! Just because people like me are against stop-and-frisk in places like Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island doesn’t mean we don’t want it to continue in Manhattan! I mean: Manhattan is special. Let’s put it this way. We are New York! Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island, I… I don’t even like talking about those kinds of places!

JOHN SCHIUMO: I’m assuming you were sarcastic an—

JOAN: No! No! I’m being sincere!

JOHN SCHIUMO: Oh, you—[laughs in disbelief] you were being sincere?

JOAN: I don’t know why that’s funny!

JOHN SCHIUMO: Why is that funny? That’s one of the funniest things I’ve ever heard in eight years of this program.

JOAN: Well, in all due respect, think about it this way: Affordable housing—I mean, New Yorkers accept in the boroughs, but you don’t want those people living around you! Of course, I would be the first to say anyone in Brooklyn and Queens and Staten Island would be prejudiced for that, but I mean, ugh, I’m not a hypocrite!

As context, stop-and-frisk is a fairly self explanatory policy the NYPD has engaged in for years that has disproportionately been applied to people of color, and is controversial for that reason.

Props to Complex for giving this batshit perspective the wider exposure to be exposed. All rational thought renders this woman’s views pure guano.

Joan, who so perfectly fits the stereotype of a woman who is currently having brunch at Nice Matin as we speak, is arguing for separate but equal… obliviously! She literally says she is not a hypocrite while engaging in the act of hypocrisy!

Quick, Joan! Finish your egg white frittata! St. John and Lilly Pulitzer are waging a price war at Sak’s! Hail a cab!

Missing, Inaction.

In Media on August 6, 2013 at 4:24 pm
That headline pretty much describes these last months: Brief Wit was ill-tended to (mea culpa) as other things crept up. However, during my unannounced sabbatical, I’ve still been sopping up news. So, as we all settle in to our summer conclaves (Disclosure: mine is the same as my winter, spring, and fall strongholds), I thought a little review ‘n riff of some of the things I neglected might be a worthwhile exercise, if not for you, then maybe for me…


– Jesse Jackson, Jr. resigns from U.S. Congress due to health problems and federal criminal investigation of his activities: Aside from treason, those are the best two reasons I can think of offhand.


UP - Disney/Pixar


– World experiences worst Helium shortage in decades: Falsettos being preserved as a precaution.
– Hillary Clinton is hospitalized after doctors discover a blood clot related to the concussion she suffered: The only illogical explanation for this? Benghazi. Duh.
– Sandy Hook: Eight months later, it’s heartbreaking, as is the premium that certain politicians place on their job security compared to our children’s security.
– The United States records its hottest year on record in 2012: I’m sure it’s nothing.


Gérard Depardieu with his Russian Passport


– Fiscal Cliff avoided: The amount of time, jockeying, and coverage spent on a manmade calamity that ended as soon as it began could have been exerted on something a little more useful, no?
– Vladimir Putin grants Russian citizenship to Gérard Depardieu who has renounced his French citizenship due to high taxes: Will Gérard convince Donald Trump to follow suit (and join him and Edward Snowden for the next year)?
– Former CEO of AIG sues government over terms of bailout that saved his company: The balls on this guy! It’s almost as if he’s never heard the one about the scorpion and the frog.

Programming Note.

In Television on November 19, 2012 at 4:22 pm

I’ve been following the program Homeland on Showtime closely. It came out of nowhere last year and floored me with its first season. It provokes the audience with its takes on terrorism, surveillance, mental health, political expediency, and national loyalty, to name a few. Its second season is well underway, and has taken some unexpected turns.

The awesome and erudite June Thomas graciously invited me to join her for a discussion of last night’s episode on Slate. It’s obviously more engrossing if you’ve been watching the show, but hopefully there are some nuggets worth extracting even if you haven’t. If you’re up for it, check it out here.