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Not Favre From The Truth?

In Media, Sports on November 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm

It’s time for a break from politics to discuss the sports media entrée of the past month: that Brett Favre is a Dirty Old Grandfather.

Unless you’ve had your head under a misguided Rand Paul supporter’s foot for the last 40 days, you’ve likely heard the story that Deadspin broke about the NFL’s Brett Favre allegedly sending suggestive voicemails and cell phone pictures of his manparts to a girl named Jenn Sterger in 2008. At the time, Favre was quarterbacking for the New York Jets and Sterger was working for the team as a sort of in-house sideline reporter/hostess. Due to that, the accusations bring issues of workplace sexual harassment to the fore.

There’s been a lack of major public developments since this whole ugly business was exposed. Favre has been terse or evasive with the press, the NFL has conducted its own investigation, and Sterger, with her manager and lawyer, has considered her legal options.

Of course, that hasn’t prevented a media melee, where outlets sliced and diced each party to the scandal. First Favre was slammed, and Sterger was given the benefit of the doubt. Now some are even sympathizing with Favre, while others hurl accusations that Sterger is just another attention-grabbing opportunist.

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A Case Of Elephantiasis.

In Media, Politics on November 3, 2010 at 2:37 pm

The American people have spoken: They do not care to see former NBA player Rick Fox dance on television any longer. With a resounding voice and top ratings, they kicked him off Dancing with the Stars. Turns out they are also none too fond of Democrats.

Tango not being my forté, there are a string of observations to note from last night’s elections, wherein Democrats called in sick to the midterm with a case of Elephantiasis:

(Climate) change… or more of the same: The lede is of course that Republicans stormed back from two successive losing elections to take back the House with a formidable majority and make inroads in the Senate. Although he’s chastened and pensive, the president won’t be sticking around to sulk; he’s skedaddling to India (among other stops) for a twice-postponed trip on diplomacy and trade.

The impact that the sluggish recovery of the economy had on this outcome cannot be underestimated. Even with this result, we already heard that the Tea Party may have cost Republicans gains. Did it? I leave that to others to dig deep on, but the short answer is yes. Whatever you think of the Tea Party, its energized components did drive activity, fundraising, and turnout. Now we’ll see how easily Republicans are able to settle internal ideological problems with these new members. Will it be like liberal Democrats trying to win over Blue Dogs, but this time on the right? TBD. One thing is for sure: a father-son swearing-in mash-up is in order for Ron Paul and Rand Paul. Talk about a conference committee!

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