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Sarah Palin Is Right.

In Media, Politics on June 18, 2009 at 3:20 pm

Sarah Palin on Today - 6/12/09

And that’s the problem.  Let me explain.

If you missed it, David Letterman avowed the mea culpa on the joke he told about Palin and her family.  She was proven right by his apology, and even in drawing slightly higher ratings Letterman must regret the incident.

Let’s focus on the manufactured controversy that occurred before the apology.  And it was clearly manufactured.  Letterman told a joke that was in especially poor taste and didn’t result in a crescendo of laughter.  That could have been the end of it.

Commenting was not obligatory.  It was a comedic infraction and she could have easily taken a pass.  It’s not like Joe Biden said it!

But Palin decided to engage.  Perhaps she felt strongly about it, which is understandable.  Yet if her daughter Willow (or Bristol) was so embarrassed, the governor’s speaking out would not assuage that.  Instead, by shining a light she exacerbated the instance, hoping to make an example now to cut down future affronts to women later.

Now, Letterman’s line that she was in New York to pick up some “slutty flight attendant” lipstick was hilarious, and not as harmful.  It plays on a stereotype.  Much worse things have been said about Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.

But the joke about her daughter was awful, whichever one he was talking about.  (Not for nothing, but you didn’t see A-Rod griping about the joke, and it made him look like an exhibitionist statutory rapist.) Read the rest of this entry »