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A Weird Wedge.

In Politics on August 22, 2010 at 10:35 pm

What do Newt Gingrich, Howard Dean, Sarah Palin, and Harry Reid all have in common? Did I hear, “They will all never be president?” Hopefully, but we were looking for, “They all oppose the mosque being built a few blocks from Ground Zero.” Newt is so opposed, he brought out this cute baby polar bear to bolster his position. Actually, that’s just the tenth result when you Google Image Search “newt gingrich mosque.”

What do Barack Obama, newly independent Florida Governor/Senate candidate Charlie Crist, and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie all have in common? “Their names are overtly Christey?” Nope, but two out of three ain’t a bad guess. Actually, they’re all on the flip side of the mosque debate, favoring or acquiescing to its construction.

Then, there is a cohort of pols In the middle. Mitch McConnell proved to be uber-cautious with his “no comment” reply. Nancy Pelosi, for some reason, channeled Deep Throat on this issue and quixotically told the press to “Follow the money.” Recently yelling new husband Anthony Weiner (though luckily not at his wife but at bass ackwards Republicans who oppose a real 9/11 issue, the health of WTC responders) displayed a stance that is virtually indecipherable in its ambiguous language. Read the rest of this entry »