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Ensconcing The Gentleman From Wisconsin.

In Politics on August 16, 2012 at 5:15 pm

Did anyone tell Paul Ryan’s congressional staff that he has been selected as the vice presidential candidate for the Republican party?

Mitt Romney made it official six days ago, but there is still no mention of this pretty major development to his constituents in Wisconsin on his official Congress homepage, as you can see here, or in the screenshot above.

There is no word of it anywhere I can see, including on the “Newsroom” page, something that would otherwise seem to be a good fit for that section:

Now, it’s a rare, if non-existent person who only looks at the website of their member of Congress and does not encounter other news, so this may not be particularly scandalous, but why not acknowledge it? I’m not saying it’s the first thing to do when the news breaks, but you would think someone might make note of it after a bunch of days.

Is there some reason behind this? Win or lose, does his new status portend to a disadvantage for his district in the future?

If someone is going to check their representative’s site, there is a decent chance they are reasonably engaged, and either already have an idea about or are quick to learn of their member’s party affiliation and/or policy preferences. Chances are they have also probably heard he’s a candidate to be the country’s number two.

On ReadWriteWeb, Joe Brockmeier recently assessed the dismal state of our statesmen’s aggregated electronic statements: “The overall site design for most of the sites is mediocre, overly busy, and more like a travel brochure site than anything designed to inform voters.” (To his credit, Ryan’s does include a voting record, which apparently most do not.)

The average member of Congress’ website is pretty mundane, so you would think it might be worth highlighting something that stands apart from the ho-hum press releases and trite remarks that populate most of them.

Even when Congress is out of session, as it is now, people are still working (and fundraising) in Washington and in home districts.

So, what has Ryan’s paid staff in Washington and his district been doing these last six days? His needs are well tended to on the campaign trail by Romney folk.

By the way, since he also serves as Chairman of the Budget Committee for the 112th Congress, Ryan has another official website in addition to that of his district’s that his office appears to run. No sign there, either:

Once again, the “News” section lacks any for the last week:

Why is this the case?

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