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A New Episode Of LOST: Live-Blogging Obama’s First State Of The Union.

In Politics on January 27, 2010 at 2:36 am

POTUS is delivering his first State of the Union address tonight. Here’s a quick primer, written by Hillary’s cantankerous former campaign honcho. Okay, my fingertips are on the keyboard. Hopefully I will have something to say. I just feel so inadequate now without an iPad.

Coming into tonight’s address, when I think of the Obama Adminstration, I think of what Liam Neeson said to Bruce Wayne early on in Batman Begins: “Whatever your original intentions… you have become truly lost.”

It’s not so much that they have screwed up the country, but they are in a rut. Scratch that, I think slump works better. Y’know what, let’s just go with “ditch” and get on with the speech. Maybe POTUS will pull off an upset tonight, though it’s not bloody likely.

Shakedown! | 9:05 p.m. Some members of Congress camp out all day to be seen shaking the president’s hand now. Last year, this was certainly the case. I wonder how many less pitched a tent in the pews of the House chamber this year? Oh, he’s coming in! God, this entrance make me want to watch The American President.

Bad Optics | 9:12 p.m. Whatever Obama says, I bet he wishes he could swap in some alternates. That visual of Biden and (especially) Pelosi behind him can only do harm right now. Nonetheless, I’m digging his tie.

Bipartisan Ovation | 9:17 p.m. United hatred of the bailout gets Republicans and Democrats to stand for the first ovation of the speech.

Bailout “As Popular As Root Canal” | 9:19 p.m. Oh, no you didn’t! Dentists have got to be marshaling their resources to take down Obama now. On a related note, Joe Biden’s been overdosing on Crest Whitestrips.

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