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Bad Hair Day.

In Politics on June 14, 2010 at 2:48 am

Tuesday’s primaries were something of a hullabaloo, I suppose. The media narrative began with the establishment losing again, even though incumbents won virtually all of the races. It then evolved into a storyline of victory for women candidates when producers and anchors realized that five or six names had come out of the day favorably.

My favorite headline of the vote is definitely “Mama Grizzlies Roar,” in reference to many of Sarah Palin’s anointed picks advancing their chances of holding office. (She has an 8-3 record this midterm cycle: did someone say playoffs?) To be sure, this year’s crop of Republican women is raising eyebrows.

Former HP CEO Carly Fiorina won her primary fight, earning the right to face off against Democrat Barbara Boxer for the latter’s California Senate seat. Fiorina actually went on-air this week to apologize to Sean Hannity for calling him a “tough interviewer.” Since when is that an insult? If it is, Tim Russert (rest his soul) would have been accepting mea culpa calls on a daily basis.

Oh, but that’s just goofy ticky-tack stuff. Not like the horrific scathe, the brutal laceration Fiorina cut Boxer with Friday into an unexpected open mic. Did you hear? Carly said Barbara has a dated haircut! Read the rest of this entry »