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Should Democrats Root For The Tea Party?

In Politics on April 5, 2010 at 10:04 am

Maybe they should. Sounds counterintuitive, but hey, a little reverse psychology can be therapeutic. The riled up, right-wing libertarians with fringe (but curiously no tassel) Republican elements comprising the Tea Party are clearly able to earn media coverage. But can they get like-minded candidates to win elections? We’ll see in the next six months.

With John McCain bringing in Sarah Palin to fend off J.D. Hayworth’s Teabagging roots and Marco Rubio trying his darndest to expose Governor-turned-Senate-hopeful Charlie Crist as a Democrat in Florida, the Republican primaries are blossoming with Congress-types saying how outlandishly conservative they are, and in turn, want America to be.

Where to draw the line? “Government that governs best governs least. I’m for states’ rights! Let’s secede! Okay, let’s just threaten to!” “Health care reform is a crock and it will bankrupt us! The FDA is quashing your God-given right to try out brand new untested drugs for yourself! Only liberals use Band Aids!” “Drill baby, drill! What’s that you say, Obama gave in and we’re about to? Ummm… nuke baby, nuke! Wait, I didn’t mean it like that! Or maybe I did!”

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