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Roger That, I’ve Been Stoned.

In Politics on April 29, 2010 at 7:48 pm

My last piece has elicited a response from self-proclaimed “GOP hitman” Roger Stone, a seasoned political operative and chief strategist behind Kristin Davis’ campaign. I did some digging and the email address appears to be legitimate. Without further ado:

Saw your piece on Kristin Davis and her campaign for governor. A few key points.

I am an a long time Libertarian republican and wrote of my support for marriage equality, legalizing marijuana and prostitution years before I ever met Kristin Davis. I am 100% in agreement of her positions and an proud to work for her.

Kristin is running on a positive program of new revenues. Pot will be legal in NY within 10 years. Prostitution a tougher sell but discussion of both is positive. Many voters are disgusted with the dems unability to pass gay marriage. All three issues are vote winners .

Kristin will not be elected Governor- but she will win 50,000 for a permanent ballot position and her party will be an advocate for these issues in future elections- and that is “winning”.

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