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Roger That, I’ve Been Stoned.

In Politics on April 29, 2010 at 7:48 pm

My last piece has elicited a response from self-proclaimed “GOP hitman” Roger Stone, a seasoned political operative and chief strategist behind Kristin Davis’ campaign. I did some digging and the email address appears to be legitimate. Without further ado:

Saw your piece on Kristin Davis and her campaign for governor. A few key points.

I am an a long time Libertarian republican and wrote of my support for marriage equality, legalizing marijuana and prostitution years before I ever met Kristin Davis. I am 100% in agreement of her positions and an proud to work for her.

Kristin is running on a positive program of new revenues. Pot will be legal in NY within 10 years. Prostitution a tougher sell but discussion of both is positive. Many voters are disgusted with the dems unability to pass gay marriage. All three issues are vote winners .

Kristin will not be elected Governor- but she will win 50,000 for a permanent ballot position and her party will be an advocate for these issues in future elections- and that is “winning”.

Voters will see that Kristin Davis is a sucessful businesswoman who paid for her crimes and has retained her voting rights and righ to run. She is bright, well read and articulate.

Spitzer and what happened to Kristin are merely a demonstration of how unbalanced the system is against women and poor people who cant use influence or expensive lawyers to avoid responsibility for their actions. The campaign isnt about Spitzer. It’s about fresh thinking and bold proposals by Kristin Davis.

Roger Stone

I’m glad he took the time to chime in. That he chose to come out and answer my questioning of whether he supports the issues comprising her platform is laudable and uncommon. It also lends a morsel of validity to this not being a campaign of vendetta.

Nonetheless, for a guy who has worked for four presidents (one of them was Nixon if the tattoo of his head on Stone’s back was not a hint) among other household names, it’s surprising he has decided to take someone like Davis under his wing.

One sticking point: is Kristin Davis poor? The perception presented is that she was wildly successful at what she did. And would a pimp be less likely to be thrown in jail than a madam? I’m not sure I agree that women are treated worse than men in politics when it comes to sexual scandals.

All that aside, you might think it a faux pas for someone in Stone’s role to outright say Davis will not be elected. I don’t even recall Al Sharpton saying that about his White House run in 2004. But Stone’s a realist. I give him credit for admitting that the campaign’s goal is not really election. Awareness, moving the needle, making a dent: these are the goals and they are good ones. And that’s okay as long as you’re not Ralph Nader in 2000.

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