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Spite, Spitzer, and Stilettos.

In Politics on April 22, 2010 at 3:45 pm

So, there I was last week, about to meet my friend for a drink in Chelsea. As I approached the bar next to the one I was headed to, a taxi pulled up and a group of scantily clad, older, plastically-tampered-with women got out. I glanced to the bar they were headed into. It had a publicity event, press conference-ey background in the entryway.

I kept walking, but saw the Penthouse logo checkered across wallpaper. Funny. But whatever, “It’s New York,” I thought, and headed next door to my destination.

An hour or so later, we left and turned right, past the slight spectacle from before. Except this time, as we walked slowly past and I was able to look more closely, I was flummoxed. The Penthouse logo was offset on the wall by another design that read, “Kristin Davis for Governor.” Huh? You think you know a girl. I didn’t know that Charlotte from Sex and the City was that politically active. Or that she had ties to Penthouse. Samantha, I could see.

Miffed by this odd (public) juxtaposition of a brand synonymous with smut nudity and a campaign for high political office, I had to investigate further. I implored my friend to allow it. As a woman of class, she was not overly enthusiastic, but did acquiesce. Without much trouble, we got inside.

It was strange. A relatively trendy spot crowded with a mix of older guys in suits, young people mingling, and women in black bikinis with swirly, star-laden tattoo-style designs lovingly crafted on with Sharpie markers promoting Kristin Davis. Read the rest of this entry »