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Mike Pence, None The Richer

In Energy, Politics on May 7, 2009 at 1:06 pm

So, there I was Tuesday evening, taking full advantage of the 3Ss (SnuggieShamWow, and Slap Chop, of course) in the kitchen with the TV on in the background, when Hardball came on.  Chris Matthews interviewed Congressman Mike Pence, Republican in the Indiana 6th district (shout out to the Ball State women in Muncie!)

Pence is chairman of the Republican House Conference, making him third highest in Republican leadership, which these days is like being the third best player on the Knicks.  Matthews proceeds to playfully interrogate Pence in a long but worthwhile interview.  Not so much for the brilliance of Pence’s responses, but for the charade he has to put up because right now his party has few answers and does not want to offend its powerful, if ignorant right flank.

Chris Matthews takes a lot of flack for his outsize persona but he is a dogged interviewer who knows when to cut to the chase.  Pence comes across as a somewhat amicable, sensible guy who has to shill garbage talking points.  As I slapped some red pepper into submission, they got to it:

Mike Pence on Hardball - 5/5/09

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