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An Officer And A Congressman. (1 of 2)

In Politics, War on May 13, 2009 at 11:17 pm

Sestak and Sanchez - 5/5/09

Sans Snuggie, I caught a few other interviews recently.  Nope, not Elizabeth Edwards and Oprah.  Or Sarah Palin lounging with the dudes from American Chopper on a grizzly bear blanket.  Actually, the ones I am thinking of have been with Joe Sestak, another Congressman, of whom I didn’t know anything about beforehand.  And I feel like I should have.  He is rational and slow-to-judge on-air, definitely a fox (in the intellectual sense) in my book.  His background is unique and distinguished: he was a three-star admiral in the Navy, which makes him the highest-ranking military man ever to serve in Congress.  How has that not gotten a bit more press?

Sestak represents Pennsylvania’s 7th district, which gives him dominion over the King of Prussia Mall.  He’s been on TV saying a few smart, possibly popular, possibly unpopular things lately.  Compared to these shenanigans, it’s like the difference between listening to Brian Williams and Lauren Conrad explain current Russian-Georgian relations.

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