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I’m Not A Businessman. I’m A Business, Man.

In Media on May 18, 2009 at 5:58 pm

CNBC HD+ Screen

These days, I take in a fair amount of CNBC, because hey, I like to know how I am losing my money. I’ve been a viewer for years but have been heeding closer attention of late. Plus the high-definition feed cycles through some solid charts and graphs.

CNBC, which stands for Consumer News and Business Channel, just marked its 20-year anniversary and remains a bona fide cash-cow for GE. I haven’t seen the latest Nielsens, but am fairly sure it hasn’t stuttered or blinked since Fox Business went on-air in 2007.

Aside from the delightful Erin Burnett and lovably grouchy Mark Haines, much of the daytime schedule melds into a 7-hour interchangeable mix of commentators and satellite-link-ups with fund managers. That’s what I expect on 24-hour cable news; there is simply too much time to fill.

Regardless, I have concerns with the network. But let me begin with what my concerns are not. It’s not that CNBC is biased to be reflexively conservative (which I don’t believe to be true… even though there is a correspondent named Courtney Reagan, and it is highly suspect that she pronounces her last name with an “-ee” and not an “-ay” sound).  Read the rest of this entry »