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Physicians Resistant.

In Media, Politics on July 3, 2009 at 10:43 am

Barack Obama Speaks to AMA on 6/15/09 - UPI Photo/Brian Kersey

The health care debate and accompanying legislative sausage-making fest (minds out of the gutter, please) is in full swing, and there is uncertainty about how it is going to end.

A smattering of groups are amped up about this, so it’s a good thing Mark Sanford wasn’t in Argentina getting better medical care or a rogue kidney transplant.

A week ago Wednesday evening, with all the trimmings of an infomercial and trappings of Oprah guised in an ABC News special, the President discussed his take on the issue with that sweet old man Charlie Gibson.  He harped on compromise as a key theme towards achieving an equitable outcome.

In the glowing aura of the soft mood lighting, Obama did not cede any ground on a public insurance option.  He boiled the harsh hesitance towards a new framework down to the platitude it just may be, saying people are worried because they think, “The devil they know, they think may be better than the devil they don’t.”

(The President held a forum this week on the same topic, and there was concern among the press that the attendees’ questions were hand-picked.  Seems like the Administration was caught.  Still better than having the town halls rehearsed back in the Bush days.)

In any event, the AMA has formally registered its opposition to a public option with Congress.  Some of its members even booed Obama in person.  Oh, and two weeks ago, the two largest insurance associations rebuked a public option, saying it would kill employer-based coverage.  Ruh-roh. Read the rest of this entry »