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Blue Dog Blues.

In Politics on July 29, 2009 at 6:34 pm

Blue from Blue's Clues

I have a bunch of friends who say they are Republicans because they are fiscally conservative, but don’t agree with the GOP on social issues.  Perhaps they should re-affiliate with the Blue Dogs, because that is precisely what they are: fiscally restrained, socially liberal.

These days being a Blue Dog is a big deal.  Suddenly, 15 years after their creation, they are the most influential part of the political spectrum.  As a coalition of what media outlets often label “moderate Democrats” in the House of Representatives, they are having a tremendous impact on what legislation comes to pass in Congress.  Chief among these is health care reform.  It’s not as simple as all Democrats jumping on board and voting in a bloc.  Only Republicans know how to do that.

As written in The Hill yesterday, “The fate of the House health care proposal rested in the hands of the Blue Dogs on Tuesday morning as the coalition review[s] the health care compromise offered Monday night by Energy and Commerce Chairman Henry Waxman (D-CA.).”

Later in the day, Rep. Baron Hill (D-IN) said this speaking for Blue Dogs: “We’re not ready to support a bill yet. We’ll get there. We are going to pass a health care bill, whether it’s now or in the fall remains to be seen.”  Rep. Earl Pomeroy (D-ND) added, “I think there’s still a bit of daylight between the positions. I think the bottom line of Blue Dogs has not been met as of this time.”

Thus, today they have swayed party leaders to hold off on a full House vote until after the August recess.

Can they just get something done?  Why can’t they be more like Blue from Blue’s Clues?  Blue is so much more productive and upbeat.  Plus she solves mysteries. Read the rest of this entry »