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Stress From The Press.

In Media, Politics on July 27, 2009 at 10:34 am

Healthcare Rally - Jose Luis Magana/ReutersThe most concrete takeaway from the healthcare tussle so far is that the media is not a rubber stamp nestled in Obama’s pocket.  He is facing a strong headwind now, and while it’s not hostile, it is highly skeptical.  Meredith Viera was in the man’s house, on a weekend if I’m not mistaken, prodding him for answers, a far cry from fellow Today “family member” Al Roker’s worshipful howling to him on Inauguration Day.

Emboldened, perhaps by several polls that have indicated lower approval ratings or by the realization that something may actually pass this time, the press is amping up the doubt.

Networks and newspapers of all stripes are mulling over every aspect of every outcome of this debate.  They have shown that it is quite easy to poke holes in something that doesn’t exist.  Instead of making a target out of the pieces of a specific proposal, every shot has hit this amorphous blob of legislation.

And why shouldn’t it?  People fear what they don’t know or don’t understand.  Anxiety and uncertainty breed ratings and readers.  Think back to how many people watched The Truman Show when it cut the transmission and went to static.  They got their best ratings ever! Read the rest of this entry »