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Mo’ Governors, Mo’ Problems.

In Politics on July 17, 2009 at 5:29 pm

Mitt Romney at Republican Presidential Debate in Detroit on 10/9/07 - Geoff Robins/AFP/Getty ImagesAt times it seems we are more interested in who is going to be president, as opposed to who is president. It’s generally easier to craft into an enticing storyline by pitting oversimplified stereotypes against each other and manufacturing a horserace that rivals the Triple Crown. Except from now it will take 3 years for us to hear “…and down the stretch they come!”

Nonetheless, Gallup (pure equestrian coincidence) is on the case, supplying the early odds we need to fill out our betting cards for the Republican primary race at OTB, Off-Track Balloting. A handful of these would-be nominees have hurt their chances worse than Barbaro did out the front gate of the Preakness. (Rest in peace you classy Colt.)

Mark Sanford, international man of adultery, is dead in the water, joining domestic adulterer Senator (hey, how’d a Senator get in there?) John Ensign of Nevada who was outed for having an affair with a top staffer’s wife. Well, what is there to say? At least he didn’t outsource it? Or, he’s not as boring as Harry Reid? Read the rest of this entry »